CStore Integrations

We place our micro stores inside apartment buildings and independent living communities.

Who is CStore Integrations?

CStore Integration is a custom-designed Micro market with self-checkout. Micro markets can replace current vending programs, or act as a supplementary option for residents of apartments and Independent Living Communities.

Each micro market offers a more extensive line of products like a small grocery mart. CStore Integrations provide users with an on-site, self-checkout store experience. We focus on the combinations of needs and preferences from residents and tailor micro market offerings accordingly.

Micro markets are known for their range of better-for-you items and products which include a variety of seasonal veggies, beverages, salads, sandwiches, and in-season fresh fruits- In addition we offer household items like cleaning products and toilet paper, etc... bringing a new level of selection, service, and satisfaction to the resident. Without a doubt.


There is no cost. We take all the responsibility for installation, restocking and maintenance of the store.


Potential revenue sharing.


To setup the store, we need a space within the building or on the premise with access to power outlets and an ethernet port.


Our store will be up and running between 4-6 weeks.


Our stores are customizable, based on the available space either inside your residential or assisted living complex.


We will send out surveys to all residents so we know what items to stock. Also, we will use the data from purchases made to continuously adapt our offerings to suit the residents needs.

Two simple options for residents to shop

Option 1
Self Checkout

  • ● With our user-friendly self-checkout kiosks, you can do-it-yourself without waiting for a cashier
  • ● Scan the item, pay using your credit or debit card and purchase item
Self Checkout

Option 2
Scan & Go

  • ● Scan item(s) you want with your smartphone
  • ● Pay directly in the app with all major credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay or Goolge Pay
  • ● The payment is processed disabling the security tag and you are all set
Scan & Go

Partnership Statements

We view our micro market relationships with customers as dual-purpose - and together, we're able to bring innovative, convenient, and healthy food and beverage options to people. We'll handle the upkeep and ongoing support of the micro market within your business while you reap the benefits of satisfied residents.

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Active Adult Community

For Independent Living Communities

For Multifamily Apartment Complex

For Multifamily Apartment Complex

Micro Market Benefits

The biggest benefit of a CStore micro market is they are free to install and maintain (that's right, free!) and we don't require a complete overhaul of your current space. CStore handles all delivery, service, and support, enabling you to stay focused on what you need to.

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